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Kick Off Meeting 2016

Published on 22. Jan, 2016 by in HR


At Windsor Resources, LLC we welcome the new year with our annual Kick Off meeting where we reflect upon the achievements of the past year and focus on new goals. During these meetings,  CEO John M. Schapiro gives an introductory speech that includes his insights into market trends, guidance for success and commitment to each employee. DuringKickoff2016pic our meeting earlier this week, John shared some research he conducted on happiness in the workplace. Everyone in our industry knows at least one thing- 75% of people are unhappy in their jobs. As CEO, John considers the happiness of all of those who choose to stay at Windsor and steadfastly supports programs, policies and incentives to retain top talent. Still, he wanted to share the results as a reminder to everyone that Windsor is the exception to the rule. According to the research he shared:

76% of workers need to see progress

53% need collaboration

43% need to receive unconditional supportkickoff2016pic2

19% need the ability to give input


As for theses statistics and how they apply to Windsor, 100% of Windsor employees agreed that these needs are being met. 2016 is off to a great start!



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