Women in Tech: An Interview with WR Recruiter Jill Wolfe

As a staffing firm, Windsor Resources recognizes equal opportunity and representation as an imperative. With March being Women's History Month, it got us thinking about the great strides women have made over the years towards equality in the workplace as well as the changes that are still necessary. Women continue to excel in the professional world everyday but an issue that remains prevalent is the shortage of women with leadership roles in the Technology field and the question as to why the percentage of women in technical roles is so low. What steps are being taken to increase the visibility of female role models in STEM fields? How can we make sure women like Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan- 3 women who were “Hidden Figures” despite their incredible contributions to science- are commended and as easily recognizable as their male counterparts? With these questions in mind we spoke with Windsor Resources’ Lead Technical Recruiter Jill Wolfe to hear her opinions on inclusivity in the Tech industry and paving the way for the future of women in tech.

1. What drew you to technical recruiting?

I find Tech Recruiting most rewarding because not only do I find candidates terrific opportunities, I love the challenge of keeping up with the constant changes that take place everyday in technology. I enjoy staying informed and learning about emerging trends in the industry - which is absolutely key in understanding our clients needs.

2. Why do you think women are underrepresented in the tech industry?

I think the lack of equal representation of gender in the tech industry is partially due to the already existing model in the job market – which is discouraging to women, especially when they are considering career choices.

3. How are our schools and/or our society increasing the interest of STEM jobs for girls and young women?

I think with the youth today things are different. Magnet schools that concentrate in the computer sciences and relative disciplines are very exciting. Now more than ever, young women with interests in technology are being encouraged. Magnet schools are providing an environment where they can thrive.

4. What are your thoughts on inclusivity in tech culture? What improvements can be made?

Everyday I see more women coders and developers. The future is tech. It only makes sense that the natural progression of things is going to culminate with women as a significant part of the tech community. Companies need to let it be known that they realize this – they need to reach out to the tech community and schools - to the women.

Jill Wolfe is a Lead Technical Recruiter in the Technology Division and currently recruiting on a national basis for multiple roles including Data, Software, and Network Engineers; Data Scientists; Helpdesk roles and more. She can be reached at jill@windsorresources.com.

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