Third Time’s the Charm: An Interview with Windsor’s Intern, Oliver Schapiro!

It may be Oliver Schapiro’s 3rd year interning with Windsor Resources but that doesn’t mean things have stayed the same. This year we spoke with Oliver about his new experiences at Windsor, his school’s internship program, and getting ready for the future!

1. How have you been since last summer?

I’ve been well. It was my senior year so I was focused on applying to college. The workload was actually a little lighter this year than my junior year which was a nice break but I was trying to avoid senioritis. I’ve also been involved in a lot of sports. It’s nice to be back to some hard work at Windsor.

2. This year was a little different because it was connected to an intern program at your school. Can you tell us about that program?

After AP exams, seniors don’t have any other final exams so as an alternative we participate in a 4 week internship. The students in my school are doing anything from food reviews to shadowing police officers. At the end of the internship we’re responsible for a presentation of our experience. I think it’s a great way to get students started on their careers or at least a way to do something different and get some real-world work experience that we maybe wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise.

3. Did you decide right away that you wanted to return to Windsor for the program?

Yes, definitely. I knew that I wanted to spend my internship in a focused and productive environment and I knew I could find that at Windsor.

4.What was different about this year for you?

This year was honestly a really different experience for me. I think a lot of my previous projects taught me the value of consistency but this year I’ve also learned the value of being able to adapt. Having to balance several projects at once and working on my time management skills has been huge for me. I was also doing different kinds of tasks this year like reception coverage and mock interviews. I feel like I’ve acquired professional skills that are really important and useful to learn.

5. What was your most challenging task?

Overall, I would probably say the hours. I’ve worked 9-5 in the past but this year was different and I feel like my workload was heavier so it was a bit of an adjustment. It wasn’t a bad adjustment, though– it’s all preparation for the future.

6. What are your plans for the future?

This summer my friend and I plan on starting our own company. He’s working on product development and I’m on the business side of things. I’ll also be attending the University of Wisconsin in the fall and I couldn’t be more excited. I haven’t decided on a focus yet but I’m thinking of majoring in finance with a minor in environmental science. I’m really looking forward to just enjoying life and all the new experiences the future will bring.

Windsor is currently accepting applications for new interns during the upcoming Fall and Winter semesters. For more information please contact Adrienne Gilbert at .

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