A Chat With Windsor's Summer Intern: Rachel Jones!

The weather might be getting colder but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about summer! The fall is the perfect time to start planning your summer internship. Thankfully, our summer intern, Rachel Jones, is here to share some insight into her own intern experience as well as some advice for those going through the internship process.

1. How was your experience with Windsor this summer?

I had a great summer interning with Windsor Resources. As an intern, I knew this would be a great opportunity to learn how a company works and also provide help and assistance wherever needed. With Windsor, my job changed every day, as I was given a whole host of tasks to complete. I knew that I was an integral part in making the company run more smoothly as the work I was doing took much of the burden from the rest of the employees.

2. What do you value most in an internship?

The most valuable part of an internship for me is the learning component. It is so important to be flexible and adaptable when interning, and I think that these qualities make it that much easier to really take everything from the experience. At Windsor, the tasks I completed were constantly changing, which helped me to learn the many different sides and functions of the company.

3. What’s something you’ve enjoyed from your time at Windsor this summer?

I think the aspect of Windsor that I enjoyed the most was coming into work every day to such a wonderful group of people. Everyone was so unbelievably warm and inviting. My third day at the company was actually my birthday, and although I still hadn't gotten to know everyone, all of my coworkers were so sweet and welcoming. Knowing that the people at Windsor were excited to have me there made me all the more excited to go into work every day.

4. What advice would you offer to students dealing with their first internship?

For students trying to find an internship, I would advise them to stay patient and take opportunities as they come. Every experience and every internship will have important and worthwhile experiences that will teach a young student a lot about how organizations function, and even more about what s/he would potentially want to do with hers/his career. For those that have internships, I would advise to stay flexible: there is so much you can learn from being open and willing to do any task and help in anyway one can.

5. How would you advise companies on improving their internship programs?

I think the best internships are the ones that take advantage of the student's skills, and as well are ones that provide enough work so that the student is constantly busy. One of the most important parts for me as an intern was knowing that I was helping the company, and having work to accomplish everyday gave me a sense of purpose every time I came into the office.

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