Windsor Reads: Managing To Have Fun

"Imagine sending a pizza to your assistant's home after keeping her late at the office, or writing a "thank you" note to her spouse for being so understanding! It's not business as usual, but as management consultant Matt Weinstein makes clear, recognition and appreciation can play a vital role in boosting morale and productivity among stressed-out, overworked employees. Based on his success with some of America's best-known and most profitable companies, Weinstein presents a step-by-step plan for building an enthusiastic, high-performance team and offers hundreds of tried-and-true techniques for enhancing employee satisfaction and personal pride."

  • Learn To Give and Receive Reward and Recognition

  • Establish Employee Support Systems

  • Deal Positively With Negative Change

  • Have Fun With Your Customers and Co-Workers

"Matt Weinstein takes a look at ways to restructure the organizational culture so that it supports laughter, play, and the "human" values in the workplace–and at the same time increases productivity, teamwork, and physical well-being."

A&F Division President Michael Zaremski shared his thoughts on this book with us:

This book provided great insight into enhancing the culture to incorporate fun. By not taking things to seriously and allowing some fun, you can make an impact on your team. Our CEO John Shapiro is doing many of the little things already, employee welcome dinners, in-office birthday celebrations, anniversary recognition and performance perks. The book takes things a step further and not everything works, but it clearly illustrates being mindful of little things that can inject your sales team with some cheeky fun.

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