Employee Health Equals Corporate Wealth

It was not too long ago that people were lifers. If you entered the workforce in the 21st century, this might sound like a myth or an old wives’ tale, but it’s true. Many companies gained the trust of their employees and in return the employees put their faith in the company. It was common for companies large and small to award employees for 25, 30, and sometimes 40 years of service. These long years of service were more than a few extra days of vacation. Dedication to a company was something to be proud of and to revel in. It was not just a badge of honor, it was a sign of a good company and a great employee. During the late 90s, which also brought along email, the Internet, and the ease of a global economy companies began seeing employees as replaceable at best and unnecessary at worst. Why have an office filled with hardworking individuals when you could have 5 times the employees at a quarter of the price, release yourself from the burden of high overhead, and keep yourself and the 3 people that you couldn’t get rid of in some shared office space. Unemployment in America was high and the self-worth and morale was at a low. Corporate America turned its back on Americans. It didn’t take long to see that offshoring and a complete dismissal of employees’ needs was not the way to build a successful organization.

I have seen companies abolish every perk (gym, dinners, car services after late nights, holiday parties, lunches, and half the workforce) to “manage” expenses. I remember turning to my manager at the time--his name was Tom--and saying, “What happens after all the expenses have been cut? If we don’t find a way to increase revenue, at some point there will be no more cuts to make. How will the company survive?” He didn’t have an answer, but I believe that the answer has been revealed in the last few years.

While we have continued to build a global economy and to send many jobs offshore, companies have started to see that cutting expenses doesn’t grow a business. People grow your business, and if you run your own company, manage your own group, or look around to see what success looks like, you will see that no one can do it all and the only path to success is the one where you have great support, commitment, and energy from those high achievers in your company.

When a company finds a high achieving and highly engaged employee, it needs to hang on to them. If we are being honest, not all employees are highly engaged, but those superstars often carry the company. Here is the secret: a superstar employee is not necessarily the brightest, not even the one with the most degrees, or the one that you thought was going to be able to do the job. An engaged superstar employee emerges out of time, circumstances, necessity, and often happenstance. An employee who not only gives their all to the organization but is someone you can count on and is ready to ride or die for the success of the company. Losing a superstar employee or any employee can sometimes be devastating. There are obvious losses, like relationships, knowledge, accounts, contacts, skills, time, recruitment, onboarding, training, and possibly disappointments at the wrong choice, but to find another might take longer than a company can afford.

A close friend of mine shared with me the news that in his previous sales organization they would say that losing a good employee could be a $500k loss to the company. It is time to do all that we can to hold on to all the employees responsible for making a company great. They are the biggest assets a company has.

There is a way for employees to feel appreciated while helping companies continue to grow. Windsor Resources, LLC, full service staffing and payroll company, knows what it takes to find a superstar. Windsor wants to help you keep your workforce happy, engaged, and healthy. Windsor Resources has rolled out a new employee retention program focused on wellness and white glove concierge medicine. Health coaches and personal doctors are available 24/7 to help quarterback your wellness. If you remember a time before email then you remember reaching your doctor at 2am. When you need your doctor he will be there, no matter what time it is. This program offers same- or next-day appointments, 24/7 connectivity to your doctor via telemedicine, and no more time spent in a waiting room when you go to the doctor’s office.

It is time to reaffirm corporate commitment to employees and to offer them something that makes a difference and supports their needs and their wellbeing. Studies show that an increase in employee engagement has a direct positive impact on a company’s bottom line. Employee retention is not waiting for your best employee to get a better offer and then matching that offer to get them to stay. Proactive retention is needed and it requires employers to think about their employees and their employee’s needs and how to show employee appreciation. What better way to tell your employees that you want them to stay with the company for a long time than to give them a “health bonus” with an executive type wellness and concierge medical program. Besides the added value that this program can offer it has other positive impacts as well. There is often a decrease in absenteeism, sick leave, and missing work for long waits at the doctor’s office. The program can even lead to a reduction in insurance costs for the employee and the employer. Let your employees know that you consider them very important with the VIP experience of the Windsor Wellness Concierge program. Don’t just keep your employees but keep them healthy.

Employee Health = Corporate Wealth

Contact Gary Gershuny at gary@windsorresources.com to retain your employees and grow your company.

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