Is it Time for You to Change Your Job?

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, undervalued or just plain bored in your job, it may be time to explore new opportunities. According to FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data), the average American works 1700 hours per year. Multiply that by 30 years and its 51,000 hours. Considering these numbers, it’s startling that 74% of Americans are unhappy in their jobs and would consider a career change. If you are going to spend 51,000 hours of your life working, you might as well enjoy what you do or receive the types of benefits that make it worth your time. Why so much unhappiness and so little mobility? It could be that most people don’t know how or when to make the change.

How do you know when its time for you to change your job?

Consider these factors: Emotional, Developmental and Financial


  1. You can’t stand your boss anymore: the passive aggressiveness, taking credit for your work, the failure to listen and care about your career progression etc.

  2. Lack of recognition for your work, position and/or longevity within an organization: Have you been passed over for a growth opportunity?

  3. Toxic internal politics have created a hostile work environment: Does it feel like the archetypal high school cafeteria in your office? Bullying? Cliques?


  1. Little to no potential for growth: Your boss, her boss, her boss and her boss are never leaving.

  2. Boredom-it’s too easy: If you can do it in your sleep, it's not your dream job.

  3. You don’t believe in your work: Are you in sales and hate the product? Use your skills to sell yourself into your next role.


  1. Low salary: You don’t just think you’re underpaid (almost everyone does), you’ve done your research and discovered other industries, companies etc. pay more for your position.

  2. Lack of incentives: Have you been promised a raise? A bonus? With an ever changing deadline?

  3. Benefits: You pay too much for benefits and your company doesn’t offer a 401k plan, profit sharing or stock options.

  4. Perks: Does your company sponsor Happy Hours, Holiday Parties, Company Days, Birthday Parties? Events? etc.

Three Steps You Should Take to Get Started

  1. Be honest with yourself. Take stock. What do you want to do and do you have the skills/experience/education for it? If you need to improve one of these areas, find ways to invest in yourself. Volunteering, Temporary Assignments, Workshops are all cost efficient ways to improve your skills/experience/education.

  2. Contact a Recruiter at Windsor Resources who specializes in your field. Start going on interviews even if they are only exploratory. You can learn a lot about yourself and the things you really want from reading fresh job descriptions, meeting new people and researching organizations.

  3. Leverage your connections. Utilize online resources and social platforms like Linkedin. Don’t just put up a profile, update your photo and work history. Make use of all it has to offer by joining groups, reaching out to alumni and sending Inmails to your network. Upload your resume and add interests that make you a dynamic choice for any employer. If you are targeting specific employers, mirror the profiles of the people who are in the roles you are seeking.

*Email for new opportunities in Technology, Office Support, Accounting and Finance and Healthcare.

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